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Mitsubishi Staff Golf Club (MSGC)

The Mitsubishi Staff Golf Club celebrates Sixty Years of golfing on Saturday June the 21st, 2014. The Mitsubishi Staff Golf Club invites all Playing Members and Ex Playing Members and their Partners, Wives and Girlfriends to join us on this milestone event.

Our friendly Golf Club was established in 1954 under the original banner of Chrysler Australia. In the mid Seventies Mitsubishi Motors purchased the Chrysler Car Plant and with the obvious changes the Chrysler Golf Club is now known as the Mitsubishi Staff Golf Club.

It is unclear how the Golf Club was formed. It is thought that a couple of very keen Staff Members would play golf every week, and over the coffee jug at Chryslers more and more Staff Members heard about the weekly event and joined in. The weekly golf event grew in numbers very quickly and eventually forming, the Chrysler Staff Golf Club. The Clubs Membership grew to well over one Hundred Members in the 1970 to 1980 period.

The Chrysler Golf Club then had a permanent booking at the North Adelaide North Course, with hit off at 7 am and the Club played golf there for about sixteen years.

In the early eighties, the club, now known as the Mitsubishi Staff Golf Club, moved to the Belair National Park Golf Course and this has been home for the MSGC Golf Club ever since.

Tragedy stuck in the mid eighties when all the Clubs Honor Boards were destroyed in a fire at the then known Caddy’s Tavern.  The Club has replaced the Honor boards but unfortunately had no back up of records of the early Champions and Committee Personal. If anyone has taken any pictures of these boards as a background it would be most helpful if the club could use these photo’s to help fill in the gaps. Alternatively, if anyone has any knowledge of any names of any Committee Personal or Champions that they know that were on these boards to come forward with the information. Just simply visit our Website for contact details. www.mitsubishistaffgolfclub.org.au.

Behind every successful club, sponsorship is a key element to longevity. Mitsubishi Staff Golf Club has had a close relationship with a number of Sponsors. Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd, Bridgestone, Ceva Logistics, Manufacturing Focus, Thompson Playford Lawyers, Mike Taylor and Smiths and Channon are seven such sponsors who have sponsored MSGC for over twenty years. There Sponsorship has been a key element to Mitsubishi Staff Golf Club’s success. 

The Club plays about seven games of golf away from the Belair Golf Course on various Sundays during the year. This is a separate competition from the Saturday regular program.

One of these Away Games is a Family day. This family day is played at Ashbourne Golf Club. The Asbourne Golf Club is set in the hills south of Adelaide. Ashbourne Family Golf Day has been a part of the Golf Club’s history as far back as the mid Sixties.  Traditionally played in the Winter, a fire was always on the go. This day is where all the Sons of the Fathers would play and the Wives of the Husbands would all mingle with a glass of wine or a beer to wash down the BBQ provided.

With the closure of the Mitsubishi Car Manufacturing Plant, recruitment of New Members has become more challenging, but the club now can consider membership applications from any member of the public.  The club has vacancies for new members, beginners to the experienced player, all are welcome.

The Club is well supported by the Belair Country Club Owners Geoff and Jackie Balmforth and the Club Professional Mike Smith and Mike’s Wife Kath Smith. Geoff and Jackie work closely with the MSGC with all of our Catering needs and Functions that the Club endures during the year. Geoff and Jackie are also loyal sponsors to the club sponsoring a yearly event for the last five years and have a commitment to continue to Sponsor this Event for future years.

Mike Smith is an Accredited Australian Golf Teachers Federation Coach. Mike and Kath Smith run the Pro Shop at Belair and Sponsor the Club’s Monthly Medals on a Yearly basis.

Joining this unique club at a surprisingly affordable price will give you membership with golf link which in turn gives the member a golflink card. This card enables the member to play on any Club that is online with Golflink Australia. Playing at a private course can be costly. Playing with MSGC the individual can just pay round by round, especially if the individual can’t play golf on a weekly basis.

If you are looking for a unique golf experience that incorporates the skills of golf and the fun and companionship of other players, or whether you are travelling through South Australia and would like a game of golf and a laugh, then the Mitsubishi Staff Golf Club could be your answer. We always welcome enquiries from new members and guests.

Moving into the year 2000 and beyond, the Club has needed to move into the computer age. The club now has a complete working website at www.mitsubishistaffgolfclub.org.au.Whilst this site primarily provides information for our club members, we encourage all new enquires to browse the website and visit the contact page to organize a day with the club.


Members Alternate Pairs Trophy Stableford Event

Sponsored by MSGC

NTP 2 & 12 Tee Master Rob Dale
The Competition this Saturday, the 16h of January, 2021, is the Members Alternate Pairs Trophy Stableford Event and Week Five of the 2020/21 Summer Cup Stableford Event . Members are aske to arrive by 11:00 am. The Tee Meeting will be at 11:10 am and Hit Off will be at 11:20.
The Winner of the Jacqui Rowland Basket Press Trophy with 38 points, is Jeff Gould

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