The Rowland Sisters become the Rowland Quartet. History! Great Day Out at the Ambrose Own Tems.Will Bulmers Choke on his 9th Golf Bag!
Monday, 02 September 2019 12:13

Just browsing through the Tee Sheet for the Vines Away Game on the 15th of September and the sight of the Rowlands team. It goes like this, Rowland, Rowland, Rowland and Rowland. I would say, its a hard team to break into. It's almost like watching and episode from Newhart. This is my Brother Darryl, my other brother Darryl, my other brother Darryl and my other brother Bill. 

It takes me back to when I was playing football and there was a curtain in between footy sides in the change rooms. Just putting my boots on when I heard the opposition backline. MacSauly, Macsauly, MacSauly and at fullback MacSauly.

Just Sayin.

A Great day had by all onthe Ambrose Own Teams Day. Great hitting with the wind but tough into the Wind. Belch and his band of co-hoots consisting of Belch, Kymbo, Kym Rowland and Gus Dandie. (sounds like a bad dood from a western movie, Gus Dandie). took the day out with 58.375. Well Done Lads.

This Week we have the September Monthy Medal on  and on the 14th come out and see equal Bridgestone golf Bag leader Tony Bryant loose his probably 9th golf bag when he chokes again!

The Lone Ranger Wins a Close One with Tonto by his Side! Bulmers has Helicopter Lessons! Lucas has a Cracker! Kymbo's Form Continues! DC5 Hits the Fairways!
Wednesday, 14 March 2018 21:26

Another cracker of a day on the green at the Pat. The Lone Ranger with Tonto by his side (Conrad), posted 42 points to win on a count-back from Lucas. Watch out Brenton (alias the Lone Ranger), Conrad might find out what Kemosubee really means. Lucas was unlucky not to take the points equalling Brenton with 42 points. Lucas has had continual improvement since his debut last year, and is steadily climbing up the grades and should make A grade in the not to distance future.

Kymbo's form is really hiting his straps as he posts another score in the forties. Watch out Kymbo, Mildura is fast approaching and you will be in unfamiliar territory. The dress will look really good on you. For Five Days!

Captain Bulmers was seen to be taking Helicopter Pilot lessons on a hole on the back nine somewhere. Didn't throw it too hard didn't want to pay for a new shaft!

Its a long week in golf and Berri must have bought the best out in Dc5's driving. Long and straight was the way for Dc5 finishing with 35 points.

Bringing up the rear this week are Matty "Chalky" Loan in A Grade with 29 points, Steve "the Manchester Boy" McKenna with 31 points in B Grade and Graham "the Fluff" Simmounds who DQued himself in C Grade.

Remember Guys Fees for Membership is now due and the Presentation Night is this Saturday at Horndale Winery from 6.30pm onwards.


It's Official, The Pat is Our New Home! Frankie Takes the Last! The Champ Steps Up! Penny Out Drives the Boys! Rick Beal Plays with a Soccer Ball! Lucas McCann makes an Appearance! How Can this Happen! and the Away Game Series is Underway at McCracken!
Thursday, 01 March 2018 16:23

The Committee met on Wednesday the 28th of February, 2018. On the Agenda was the new home of the Mitsubishi Staff Golf Club. The decission was made to stay at the Patawolonga Golf Course. A proposal on this decision has been emailed to all Memebers.

The little Hungarian Frankie Balter enjoying the flats of Patawolonga (not Patawillunga), Frankie could be the dark horse to take the overall Summer Cup stepping up on the last week of the Summer Cup to wiin the day. Other contenders, I think are front Runner Paul Mckenna, posting a few weeks in the 40's. The other contender slipping under the Radar is Jarrod Rowland. Jarrod has come second a few times with scores in the high 30's and low 40's.

Mike Taylor bounced back this week posting 39 points. Good to see you bounced back from last week Mike and scrounged your way out of the Dungeon. Penny showed her class when she out-drove the boys, (Bulmers, DC5 and Joffa) on the first."Wasn't hard was it Penny!"

I thought I was seeing things when this minature soccer golf ball came rolling  up the tenth green. Didn't help you much with 25 points Rick!

Lucas where have you  been? Lucas went missing for a couple of weeks, thought of putting your picture on a milk carton but you are back. Hopefully the Columbian Drug Lord with the slick ponytail (Mark McKenna) wont be too long away.

How can this happen! Yes, Tony Bryant, last in A Grade! Looking for every angle to scrape me off the bottom, but to no avail. Lower than a raging Bull's left testicale! and in good company with Rick Beal and Phil Edwards.

The first of the Away games at McCracken Golf Course took place on Sunday. A small band of golfing tragics headed down to McCracken on the Sunday and with 38 points Joffa took the honours closely followed by Dave Kemp and Big Kev with 37 points.

Fee's are due now and are payable by the end of March. To all attending the Presentation Night please see Big Kev to pay for Fee's and Presentation night Tickets.

Playing Golf at the Pat! The Helicopter Pilot wins the Day! Jarrod takes Lessons off the Master Helicopter Pilot! Champ has a Shocker!
Monday, 19 February 2018 19:47

It has been two weeks now at the Pat and by all reports the time slot is not the best but Geez, that course is bloody fantastic! even the rough is something to play out off. The greens, well it is just great to not have to move your ball around. The fairways are like playing off of carpet. Two words explain the Pat, Great Course!

It is also a testament to this club with an average of 22 players turning up each Saturday to bind this club together.

Whitey or Witney won the day last week with 41 points and with 41 points Paul the Master Helicopter Pilot won the day last Saturday with another 41 points. Speaking of part time helicopter pilot Jarrod Rowland was seen extending a club at a extroadinary velocity towards his bag. Didn't stop him from out driving us with a three wood though.

Well down the bottom of the Pig Pen in all the mud and slush or the feeling you get when you pick up your dog poo with a hole in the bag, yes the cellar dwellars, the rear enders are from Hero to Zero with 33 points in A Grade is Witney, the champ with 26 in B Grade and the not so Super Manny with 33 in C Grade!

Guys a reminder Fees are now due, see Big Kev. The Presentation night is March the 17th.

See you all Saturday at the so I have been told the PatAWOLOnga!

40 plus points must be the go, seems to be the only thing hot this summer
Monday, 25 December 2017 19:04

Hi everyone, well by the time you read this Christmas would have been and gone. I hope everyone had an awesome day with family and friends, i know i did.

Saturday another great turnout for this time of year, 24 players were ready to tee off and the mood was definitely festive and as each group teed off they copped a little more than usual banter. This summer cup is running red hot with high scores, another week of 40 plus and the winner with 44 points was superman well played considering your tee off on the first was lets say average. I feel sorry for RD also posting a great score of 44 points only to be done on a count back, there but no cigar Rob. winning A grade was the great Dane Klaus with 39 points Winning B grade was the piss head German  Kymbo with 39 points and winning C grade was Stiff luck Rob on 44 points.

ps. Big Kev has added a new shot to his very limited range of shots, i called it the Shaw-shank no redemption shot, just ask Shaw-shank Kev  i am sure he will be more than willing to relive those wonderful shots :)

Just a few reminders: if you haven't already handed in your trophies won last year please do so within the next two weeks please so i can finalise that  side of things.

Table numbers and names for presentation night need to be in no later than the third Saturday in Jan thank you

Stay safe

look forward to seeing you all Saturday



2017 /18 Summer cup up and running
Tuesday, 19 December 2017 16:02

Hi everyone i am back on the air after three weeks of being dicked around by Telstra, no more needs to said about that!!!!!

Well the summer cup is off and running and good turnouts every week so far on this Saturday looks like being a bumper turnout so close to Christmas. Congratulations to the three winners to date all posting 40 plus stableford points, need a urine sample from Rowey though, 45 points a pretty dam good effort considering he hasn't played much in recent weeks, what the old saying beware the injured golfer !! Just to recap you only need 7 games to qualify for the summer cup trophies, of course  the more you play the more bad games you can cross off the list and only include your top 7.

For those not able to play Saturday i would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a safe and joyous new year, enjoy your holidays if you are lucky enough to have them and i look forward to seeing you all fit and well in the new year.



Yibada Yibada That's all folks for 2017
Sunday, 26 November 2017 08:30

Yibada , Yibada , Yibada That's all folks for the 2017 MSGC playing calendar. Well what a year it has been, with a good spread of major trophy winners. Congratulations to Paul McKenna taking out the last major trophy on offer, the overall Monthly medal shield winner with a nett 66 well done Paul. Playing in the stroke round was Robbo and just as well,as he he had a blinder winning the day with a very impressive nett 64, Robbo had his driver cocked and loaded on every tee block smashing them down the middle on most occasions, well played and 3 golf balls coming your way. The other player in our group was Liz, who despite having trouble with her shoulder over recent weeks also was smashing her drives and approach shots to the green very consistently, well played Liz coming in with a nett 72. well done to all the grade winners "A" grade Tony Bryant with a very nice nett 67 , "B" grade P. McKenna  with a nett 66, "C" grade Hayden Coleman with a nett 67 and Liz with a nett 72 well played to all those winners. Another player out there on Saturday had the radar going on the 12th hole, my good mate Steve Belcher scoring an eagle, great two shots obviously well done Steve, another 6 balls out of stash coming your way. Congratulation to all the Major trophy winners and to the non major round winners for 2017.

The Summer cup season commences this Saturday and if all 12 rounds are played out, it will be the best 7 rounds played by each player that will be counted, if a round is cancelled for what ever reason the amount of games required to qualify will also drop accordingly eg: if we play 11 only 6 games will need to be played.


1. the lots of loot lottery will be drawn on Saturday, so if you haven't returned yr ticket books you must do so this Saturday

2. The gradings will change on Saturday "A" grade will be 0 - 18 "B" grade will be 19 - 23 and "C" grade 24 - 36 and what ever grade you commence the summer cup in will be the grade you are playing for the summer cup trophies ONLY

3. start organising your presentation night tables of 10

4. club photo will be taken on the 16th of DEC so if you can make it only if it's just for the photo in your MSGC shirt that would be awesome

5. All the 2016 major trophy winners can start returning your trophies please so i can get them engraved

see you all for the start of the summer cup 2017/18 season

cheers Kymbo

Congratulations to all the club championship finals winners for 2017
Monday, 20 November 2017 16:35

Hi all well another season is almost over with only the overall monthly medal trophy playoff remaining. On Saturday, the most important day on our calendar was played out to decide the 2017 club champion, "B" grade champion, "C" grade champion and the Ladies champion. From all the conversations going around it was very clear that all matches were played in good spirits, as i always say at the end of the day there can only be one winner, in this case one winner per grade.


TOM DOUGAN the 2017 Club champion

FRANK BALTER the 2017 "B"grade champion

STEVE MCKENNA the 2017 "C"grade champion

PENNY PEARCE the 2017 Ladies champion

Commiserations to Tony Bryant, Kym Tolius, David Clarke and Liz DeKonning, there's always next year i guess.


1. lots of lott raffle ticket books must be in this Saturday

2. table sitting sheets for Presentation night can be returned to me as soon as you have them filled

3. can you start returning any trophies you won last year please

cheers for now

see you all Saturday


Club championship finals decided,Lucas has a blinder, Lady bay shines
Monday, 13 November 2017 08:34

Hello everyone, the Club championship semi finals were decided on Saturday and congratulations to  "A" grade Tom Dougan defeating Kluas Ebdrup and Tony Bryant defeating Steve Belcher . "B" grade Frank Balter defeated Mike Taylor and Kym Tolius defeated David Kemp. "C" grade Steve McKenna defeated Graham Mann and David Clarke defeated Phil Edwards.

Ladies Liz DeKonning defeated Penny Pearce. Congratulations to all those winning and commiserations to those that just missed out, there is always next year.

So playing for the prestigious Club Championship title for 2017 is Tom and Tony, both players have won this title on many occasions so it will be a fabulous battle on the day.

Playing for the title of B grade champion for 2017 will Frank and Kym another good battle looming with Frank Mr. consistent, down the fairway every time Balter.

Playing for the title of C grade champion for 2017 will be Steve and DC5,  once again on there day they can beat anyone so bring on an epic battle guys

Playing for the title of Ladies champion for 2017 will be Liz and Penny, who will be the victor has these two would probably have an even win /loss ratio against each other

On Saturday there also was a stableford comp for those not in the playoffs, coming in with a staggering 45 points and 82 off the stick winning the day was Lucas Macann, well done Lucas you are very good form at the moment keep it going into the summer cup season and you just maybe in "A" grade come the start of the 2018 season.

Well we played our last away game for 2017 up at Links Lady Bay and the weather did not disappoint, greeted by sunshine and very slight southerly breeze, winning the putting comp was Steve Belcher, well done mate, almost pays for the day so a good start for sure. Winning the day with an outstanding score of 40 points was Tony Bulmers Bryant, well done Tony in second place with 39 points was Jarrod Nann Rowland and in third place with 36 points was Garth the mowvember man Rowland and surprise surprise winning yet another away game NAGA was yours truly, what is it about away games !!!!!!. At the start of the final game it was a battle between 4 players that could realistically be the 2017 away games champion, those players were Steve McKenna, Graham Hunt, Jarrod Rowland and Mike Taylor, but as always, well in most cases there can only be one winner and after dropping the lowest scoring round the 2017 champion is Steve McKenna with 148 points in equal second place was Graham and Jarrod on 144 points. A big thank you to Paul Murray for sponsoring the 2017 away game comp. and to everyone that comes out and has been supporting this great comp year after year thank you and look forward to playing on some great courses next year.

cheers and see you all Saturday




the pointy end of the season and another McKenna in the Monthly medal play off
Sunday, 05 November 2017 07:31

Hi everyone, well it is well and truly the pointy end of the 2017 season with the last opportunity to win a monthly medal for 2017 and be part of the overall medal winners playoff. Making the most of the opportunity were a few players, but as always there can only be one winner and on a three way count back from Klaus and Matty who had great scores of nett 67 was Steve McKenna with a nett 67, well done and played played winning in the end by .3 of a shot from Matt Loan after the count back. Going through all the 2017 monthly medal winners it seems it was the year of the McKennas, with yesterdays result it puts all the McKenna brothers in the finals playoff, will have to ensure they are grouped together and watch the friendly family rivalry unfold as they make there way around the course. While i am on the Monthly medal train, here is the list of players making the playoff round on Saturday Nov 25th, with any final, there is no early tee off or date change available to those players involved.

J. Gould

D. Kemp

K. Ebdrup

B. Ranger

S. Belcher

P. McKenna

P. Edwards

M. McKenna x 2

K. Tolius

S. McKenna

best of luck to all those players listed.

Lucas Macann was flying high yesterday snagging an eagle on the 6th hole, well Lucas, obviously you did everything right, it can be an easy game.............sometimes!!!! and another half a Doz golf balls in the pocket for you, well done.


1. Lots of Loot ticket books need to be back by November 18th please, give your ticket books to Graham Hunt

2. Next Sunday is our last away game for 2017 season at Links Lady Bay Sunday 12th November 9.15am putting comp with a 10am tee off time.

3. Start planning your table sitting arrangements for presentation night on the 17th Feb 2018, forms will come out the following Saturday

4. If you were fortunate enough to win a trophy last season can you please start returning them as of this week so i can get them engraved ready for presentation night

5. good luck to all the players involved in the semi finals Saturday and just another reminder to all players there will be no early tee off times available during the finals play off.

Cheers all, have a great week

see you Saturday


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