The Rowland Sisters become the Rowland Quartet. History! Great Day Out at the Ambrose Own Tems.Will Bulmers Choke on his 9th Golf Bag!
Monday, 02 September 2019 12:13

Just browsing through the Tee Sheet for the Vines Away Game on the 15th of September and the sight of the Rowlands team. It goes like this, Rowland, Rowland, Rowland and Rowland. I would say, its a hard team to break into. It's almost like watching and episode from Newhart. This is my Brother Darryl, my other brother Darryl, my other brother Darryl and my other brother Bill. 

It takes me back to when I was playing football and there was a curtain in between footy sides in the change rooms. Just putting my boots on when I heard the opposition backline. MacSauly, Macsauly, MacSauly and at fullback MacSauly.

Just Sayin.

A Great day had by all onthe Ambrose Own Teams Day. Great hitting with the wind but tough into the Wind. Belch and his band of co-hoots consisting of Belch, Kymbo, Kym Rowland and Gus Dandie. (sounds like a bad dood from a western movie, Gus Dandie). took the day out with 58.375. Well Done Lads.

This Week we have the September Monthy Medal on  and on the 14th come out and see equal Bridgestone golf Bag leader Tony Bryant loose his probably 9th golf bag when he chokes again!


Week Two of the 2020 Mike Taylor Golf Bag

Sponsored by Mike Taylor

NTP 12 & 16 Tee Master Mat Loan
The Event this Saturday the 24th of October, 2020 , is Week Two of the Mike Taylor Golf Bag Trophy Stableford Event. We ask Members to arrive by 11:00 am. The Tee Meeting will be held at 11:10. Hit off Time is at 11:20 am.
The Winner of the Two Round Stableford Dave Kemp Trophy, is Rick Beal

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