Stableford is probably the most preferred game to play in golf. Stableford is based on your handicap and the stroke index. What is the stroke index? you ask. Before joining the club you would be trying to play like a professional and par every hole. I am wright am I not. As a new member in the club do not try to par every hole on the course. We are amateurs so we need to play to the handicap provided by the club and use the extra strokes to improve your game. Lets get back to the stroke index. The stroke index is all of the holes on the course graded from the hardest to the easiest. You will note that on the third column on the Belair National Park score card, it is marked, INDEX. This is the Stroke index. When you played before joining the club this was probably Chinese to you. Now that you are a member of the club, this is now the most important column that you will encounter. Now that you have obtained a handicap, you will now follow the stroke INDEX.

The Object of Stableford

The  object of Stableford is to score as many Stableford Points as possible in a round of golf. To play to your handicap it will be necessary to score 36 Stableford Points. To play to your handicap it will be necessary to score Two points on every hole.


How do I do this? You ask.

Your Handicap will determine how you go about this. Let us take a person on a eighteen handicap. This is easy because this person will obtain an extra stroke on each hole. Eighteen holes on the golf course.  For this person to play to his handicap he will have to add a stroke to each hole, for example, all Par Fours now become  Par Fives, the Par threes become Par Fours and the Par Fives become Par sixes. The first hole at Belair is a Par Four. This hole for this member now becomes a Par Five. If this member has five strokes on the first hole at Belair,  he will receive 2 Stableford Points.

You would have heard members saying, "a 5 for 2".

 If this member takes 6 strokes on the hole, he will receive 1 Stableford Point.

"a, 6 for 1,"

 If the member takes more than 6 he will receive no points.

You will here other members say, "I've scrubbed the hole",

or, "I have scratched the hole".

 This is why the Match Committee tells members to "PICK-UP," after you cannot score anymore. The feeling is to putt out on the green. This is wrong and only contributes to slow play. In Stableford the Match Committee does not go by the stroke score. The score in Stableford is obtained by how many Stableford Points scored in the round.

The Scoring System in Stableford based on an Eighteen Handicap.

Par 3 becomes a Par Four

1 for 5

2 for 4

3 for 3

4 for 2

5 for 1


Par Four becomes a Par Five.

1 for 6

2 for 5

3 for 4

4 for 3

5 for 2

6 for 1


Par Five becomes a Par Six

1 for 7 impossible

2 for 6

3 for 5

4 for 4

5 for 3

6 for 2

7 for 1



Members Alternate Pairs Trophy Stableford Event

Sponsored by MSGC

NTP 2 & 12 Tee Master Rob Dale
The Competition this Saturday, the 16h of January, 2021, is the Members Alternate Pairs Trophy Stableford Event and Week Five of the 2020/21 Summer Cup Stableford Event . Members are aske to arrive by 11:00 am. The Tee Meeting will be at 11:10 am and Hit Off will be at 11:20.
The Winner of the Jacqui Rowland Basket Press Trophy with 38 points, is Jeff Gould

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